Testimonials: What People Say About Gail-Elaine Tinker

tinker_psychotherapy_testimonials-thumbs_upThe following are testimonials volunteered by clients and colleagues who willingly gave permission for their statements to be used as promotion. This is an unusual situation in counseling and coaching where normally all communications are kept confidential. You are invited to read these statements to understand how my work helps others.

If you think you know someone quoted, please respect their privacy.

“Aside from my regular coaching appointments, I was stressed out and needed Reiki and phone support for a while. I was so pleased that Gail-Elaine was there for me. There are many professionals who advertise their services “My door is always open,” but, there are very few people who “walk their talk.” I continue to recommend my life-coach, Gail-Elaine Tinker. Her credibility runs a close second to the mastery of her craft!” 
Suz, Age 56, Bethlehem, PA

“My husband and I have both enjoyed Reiki care from Gail-Elaine. It was absolutely wonderful when we were stressed out due to Cancer. On my skeptic husband’s first treatment he became so relaxed that he fell asleep. He woke up feeling completely refreshed, pain reduced, and at peace. I encourage everyone to keep an open mind and try it.” 
K & J, mid-40s, Harrisburg, PA

“I have known Gail-Elaine Tinker since 1986, when she was an Addictions Counselor in Atlanta, GA. She is a valuable resource in my practice which has as its focus developmental issues across the lifespan. Her academic training and her experience is broad and extensive. In my professional opinion, she has excellent skills as a Psychotherapist and a Life Coach.” 
Sandra S. Stevens, Ph.D.
Developmental Psychologist, Gadsden, AL

“Gail Elaine Tinker, M.S. is unique in her ability to use the power of creativity as a means to push back limitation and to enrich life. She also has a keen insight into family dynamics and helped ours communicate more fairly and constructively towards an outcome that worked well for everybody. I do enthusiastically recommend her to others.”
Cathy, 61, Easton, PA

“I was stuck in a job that was a very poor fit for me that was bleeding me dry. I didn’t think I could do anything else, or that any other place would want me. Gail-Elaine used her creative coaching skills to show me parts of myself that I never even knew I had. I gained a lot more confidence, and now I have a new job at a company who appreciates my unique gifts and perspectives. I am a much happier person.” 
Paul, 32, Engineer, Wescosville

“I was so confused in my marriage and I went to Gail-Elaine to vent out my frustrations. She never judged me or my wife but listened. We thought our problems were due to one or two set things. When she showed us what was really getting in the way I was stunned. Then she gave us tools to work on it. The answer wasn’t easy, but it was amazing that it isn’t impossible.” 
Rick, 44, Bath, PA

“My anxiety was so bad that I cried every day. My husband was so fed up. I didn’t want to take medication. When I saw the website I thought that this would help. We do half therapy and half reiki. I really need this to work.” 
Beckie, Nazareth, PA

“I have very bad pain in my neck and shoulders from fibromyalgia/chronic myofascial pain. Gail-Elaine provided Reiki in that area, and almost immediately I felt my entire body sink into a relaxed, meditative state. It helped me not only with the current pain, but allowed me more access to that space within myself where I could continue to do pain-relief work on my own. She actually encouraged and helped me to do more on my own, whereas some practitioners just want you to keep coming and giving them your money.” 
Ami, 43, Macungie, PA

“I came to Gail-Elaine due to grief from the lost of my son as an infant many years ago. She understood my situation unlike the first therapist I visited closer to my home. She has been worth the drive.” 
C.of Western NJ

“I came to Gail-Elaine as the last resort. My doctor said I needed therapy because he couldn’t help me with my physical pain. It made zero sense to me how my bad childhood was connected to today’s pain. I do not believe in dwelling on the past. When she explains it, I understand it – that there is a body/mind connection. I don’t feel like a head case and I am in better shape to talk to the doctors.” 
Rich, 62, Allentown, PA

“I was struggling with employment issues and Gail-Elaine coached me on my resume. I thought it was going to be so complicated but she made it seem easier than I expected. I left feeling more confident and in charge. No matter your coaching needs, she can help you.” 
Sandy, Age 47, Bethlehem, PA

“I met Gaily because of our common interests in chronic pain. When I told her I had always dreamed of making a business of selling the jewelry I make, she encouraged me to go for it. I never had a coach before, but soon I was following her lists and my dream was coming true. Now people know to come to me for holiday gifts because I have a business card and I now supply some local business and do small craft shows. It feels great to see people wear what I make. Gaily always has a good idea for me.” 
Monica, Horinko Jewelry Designs, Bethlehem, PA