Group Therapy at Tinker Psychotherapy Services


Group Therapy is an effective and lower cost modality, as small, well facilitated groups accelerate wellness for many individuals. It is the standard of care for in and out-patient treatment, so when offered for aftercare and extended private care, it reveals an understanding for support, continued psycho-education, social skills processing, and life skill development for long standing wellness.

Tinker Psychotherapy Groups feature a Twice Monthly component for structure and development of cohesion. Members agree to attend each closed or semi-closed group on a 6 month basis, to give the group a ‘fair try.’ Group lasts 1.5 hours on average. Whether Insurance partially pays for group or not, the member is asked to make some fiscal commitment to the therapy, for understood value in the process. If a client leaves group before 6 months, no refunds are offered. All this is discussed at length in the Intake, as group members are screened for appropriateness to the group. A Group Flier can be sent to you with specific details.

Group tends to be FUN. There is conversation and serious topics, of course. There is also sharing of life passages. We observe healthy rituals, discuss relevant books, film, current events… teaching mindfulness meditation and self-hypnosis… and brief therapeutic art and narrative therapy projects (no experience expected). Laughter and tears tend to occur spontaneously, and the ‘real you’ is celebrated. * If you dislike this, and you do not feel that your issues are improving, you are welcome to tell the group you are leaving after 6 months, but chances are… you’ll find some added value to your mental wellness.

Tinker Psychotherapy offers GROUP therapy on the following topics:

^Some require current or prior therapeutic work.

Some insurance programs cover group work with a diagnosis from your doctor/therapist, or by me.

  • Adult Autism Social Support^
  • Snowdrops: Grief Support Group
  • Mosaic Mirrors: Trauma Support Group for Women ages 18-30^
  • The Woman’s Journey: Transitions Support for Women ages 30-55^
  • Narrative Therapy Group: Telling Your Stories via TALK & Mixed Media
  • Chronic Pain Group: Inclusive Discussions on Coping with Chronic Pain
  • Men’s Support Group: Trauma Recovery and the Life I Want Now^
  • Body Image, Self-Esteem, Stress, & Forgiveness Group

Please contact Gail-Elaine to determine the availability of a group and schedule a professional intake session. Bring your insurance information and picture ID or any financial concerns to the intake session. Bring your insurance information and picture ID or any financial concerns to the intake session. Make sure that the client is able to travel to the location 2x per month on a week night or weekend to consistently attend group. There will be no make-up sessions or refunds on groups. A fiscal investment will be required by clients to incentivize full participation, even if health insurance is partially paying for the group.

Groups really make a difference in YOUR personal growth, if you are ready to try them!