Mission Statement

Tinkerpsych.com is the Official Blog of the business Tinker Psychotherapy Services and the website www.tinkerpsychotherapy.com owned by Gail-Elaine Tinker, M.S., practicing clinical psychotherapist. It is the primary news, information, and education means offering regular, short-format, electronic web-log, otherwise known as “blogs” based loosely around the areas of psychology, counseling, mental health, self-help, health/wellness, trauma, victim rights, human rights, advocacy, legislation, spirituality, and human relations. Blogs and short informative articles are meant to be informative resource on the internet and are expected to receive author credit if quoted. Credit must be given for ideas not unique to the author. No charge shall be made to readers of Tinkerpsych.com; however, advertisers and sponsors may be charged. Guest authors or interviewers may be paid. This is not a platform for the individual ideas, stories, or politics but for the business interests of Gail-Elaine Tinker or Tinker Psychotherapy Services.

Professional Ethics must be maintained. This includes confidentiality, correct terminology, and truth in reporting. It is our therapeutic and journalistic policy when referring to criminals or terroristic actions, the policy of not glorifying the names of perpetrators; therefore, names of incidents or victims will be named over the criminals. Guests and advertisers are held to the same ethical standards. Interview subject may hold ‘counter views’ but will be presented as dissonant from TPS and Tinkerpsych.com Blog

Any questions regarding content or view,  please contact us.