Gail-Elaine Tinker Psychotherapy Services


tinker-logo-w-shadowFeeling down, sleepless, frustrated, unsure, restless, anxious, or upset?
Are you coping with pain, grief, addiction, adult autism, or other mental health/wellness issue?

Tinker Psychotherapy Services is a place of safety and security, where therapeutic work is accomplished to help you change your situation from upset, worry, and confusion… to you feeling clear, confident, and empowered.

Do you crave calm insight into your troubles, from a confident, trained professional who can listen and offer compassionate suggestions from years of experience? Do you want your professional to be a warm, compassionate, practical human being? This is precisely the type of care offered at Tinker Psychotherapy Services; experience, compassion and practicality.

Tinker Psychotherapy is a full-service professional private practice; it offers warm, personalized service at competitive prices in a comfortable office setting. We use state-of-the-art psychology and down-to-earth common sense to assist you with general Mental Health: counseling, psychotherapy, life coaching, advocacy, and a specialized alternative practices called Reiki, Hypnosis, Body/Mind Wellness and Trans-formative Art. Gail-Elaine offers specialization and experience in several areas which overlap: Autism, Chronic Pain/Illness, Grief, and PTSD-Trauma issues.

Tinker Psychotherapy provides convenient location, flexible hours, sometimes internet/phone sessions/ home visits, and a variety of payment options are offered. Insurance and EAP accepted, some as out-of-network or limited basis. A number of low cost support groups are sponsored by my practice and held at my location; Adult Autism, Chronic Pain, Grief, and Bibliotherapy – look at the ‘Group’ section for further details.

Talk Therapy is the primary means of our working together, but several other cutting-edge methods are offered which improve your outcomes, reduce your time in therapy, and make therapy more effective and pleasant; Hypnosis, Mind/Body Techniques, Journaling/Narrative Technique, Transformative Art, Bibliotherapy (as well as Film and Poetry), Play Therapy, Psychodrama Technique, Focusing, among many other creative techniques. Reiki, a Japanese healing art, can be employed separately, as a relaxation device for those experiencing anxiety or wishing to learn more about how such ways can reduce life friction. These techniques are optional and you will always be in control of how we design your wellness plan together.  There is an art studio within Tinker Psychotherapy, so art is always accessible.

The Tinker Psychotherapy Services Website offers more detail on every one of the topics and techniques listed your left. Please go to the topics list and drop down or search for your interest and you will find a wealth of articles. Also you may also be interested to catch up on my published articles on Blog, and, as I am often asked to write or speak about current issues. You will also see my paid ads in Psycholgy Today and Natural Awakenings Magazines. Facebook offers current events and suggested articles of high caliber to guide you in your wellness goals.

So feel free to explore this site with so much information at your fingertips …or you can simply email me – directly or call me 610-216-4319 directly between 9-7(est) to schedule your appointment (or you can leave a confidential voice mail). An intelligent person once said: “A journey of a thousand miles begins with a single step” is the ancient, wise quotation – your wise, ‘single step’ is making a call or email today and we will meet soon to begin your journey of self-discovery together. You deserve the very best help with your concerns so that you can get back to doing what you do best. I am looking forward to providing the warm, personal, professional service for which I am recognized in the Lehigh Valley, PA …and beyond.